Workshop 3 (Half Day – English)

Workshop 3 (Half Day – English)

Climate crisis and health – from research to policy. A primer with the focus on United Nations COP climate negotiations.

Course Faculty: Kurt Straif (Spain), George Thurston (USA), Mary Rice (USA), Luis Abdon Cifuentes (Chile)

Time: TBA

Target Audience: ISEE members and other participants interested in evidence translation and advocacy in the area of climate change and health

About This Workshop:
“Undoubtedly health stands as the most compelling reason for taking climate action.” (Dr. Tedros, DG WHO). This workshop (WS) aims to orientate participants interested in climate change and health (CCH), discuss research and policy strategies on climate action and health, with a focus on COP negotiations. Last year, official Observers from ISEE attended COP28, and CCH has been reconfirmed as a priority for the ISEE Policy Committee. What to expect at COP, how to prepare efficiently, the role of Observers and opportunities for moving the needle. Based on the experience of the WS faculty who have attended several COPs in different roles, we will provide background information on CCH. Topics will be discussed with a perspective on research gaps and opportunities, and strategies for making a difference on evidence-informed policy on CCH at COP and everywhere. The WS outcomes will be taken to the panel discussions of the symposium “Climate and Health at COP28”.

Topics include:
UN Treaties related to health (Earth Summit, Rio; MDGs and SDGs, Montreal Protocol, and  Conventions); COP, History (Kyoto protocol, Paris Agreement), functioning via Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), main negotiation topics; COP, major Party players (like G-77), Umbrella Observer Organisations (like RINGO, YOUNGO), Global Climate Health Alliance (GCHA); COP structure, Green Zone (including Party negotiations), Blue zone (including Press conferences) Subsidiary Body meetings;  COP and Health, short history; COP28, science and advocacy in run-up to COP28, including ISEE Statement; IPCC WG2 Report, Lancet Countdown, Lancet Pathfinder; various statements; WHO analysis of health in NDC; ISEE-supported Abu-Dhabi pre-COP28 conference. Health at COP28, first ever Health Day at COP, Health Declaration, Proposal for WHA resolution; WHO-ATACH Alliance; Updates from Subsidiary Body meeting, SB60, Bonn, June 2024; Outlook, next COPs; alternatives to consensus decision making; binding treaties, upcoming treaties (UNEP Global Plastics Treaty), WHO Research agenda REACH 2035.