ISEE 2024 Travel Awards

ISEE 2024 Travel Awards


The ISEE 2024 Conference will be inclusive of delegates from around the world. Participants residing in all countries/chapters are encouraged to apply for travel awards. A priority will be placed on attendees currently residing in developing countries. Countries classified as developing countries for this purpose are those whose economies are listed by the World Bank as “Low income”, “Lower Middle Income”, or “Upper Middle Income”.

Selection criteria include quality of abstract, diversity, need, and contributions to environmental epidemiology.

The calendar for ISEE 2024 Travel Awards is as follows:

Application Period 

: Feb 2 – Feb 29, 2024

Review of Applications   

: March 4 – April 5, 2024

Announcement of Awardees 

: Mid May, 2024

Requirements and Rules

1 . The applicant must be the presenter of the submitted abstract.

2 . The award can only be used to cover registration, travel, and lodging expenses if the applicant attends the ISEE conference in-person. Exceptions may be made if the participant cannot travel due to extenuating circumstances.

3 . The award can be used to cover the following expenses:

       a. Conference registration fees.
       b. Lodging accommodations for up to 5 nights which will be arranged directly by the conference organizers.
       c. Reasonable Economy-class airfare to/from conference host country. Layovers must be a reasonable length if a direct flight is not available (ideally <24 hours). For travel purposes, reasonable is defined as:

                     i. Africa: $2100
                    ii. AWPC: $2500
                   iii. Eastern Mediterranean: $2000
                   iv. Europe: $1200
                    v. North America: $1100
                   vi. South America: Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay y Perú $400
                  vii. Other South America $600
                 viii. Mexico & Central America $800
                   ix. Caribbean $700

4 . Applicants may only receive one travel award.

For more detailed information about the description of the awards please click here.


1 . Travel awardees will have a separate registration category when registering for the ISEE conference.

2 . The ISEE organizers will pay for the awardee’s flight after the awardee receives their visa to attend the conference. Awardees will need to provide the airline, flight number, departure/arrival city, and flight dates/times to Mr. Fatih Barbaros from KA Turizm.

3 . Failure to attend the conference after the flight is booked will disqualify the awardee from applying for or receiving a travel award to attend ISEE for a period of two years.

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